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1. Kya is not her s/n, it's her nickname.

2. She's an on-line friend only, though I've met her in real life for a day.

3. 34 is the nickname of one of my real life friends.

4. ~picture~ is just a representative for the picture she showed me which was a picture of her planner that said "Ding 34" in one part.


Kya: ~picture~ a page in my planner, lol
Me: Ding 34?
Me: You're gunna ding 34?
Kya: I dinged 34 last night
Me: O.o
Me: You...did what to her?
Kya: ..
Kya: oh
Kya: dammit
Kya: sorry
Kya: lol
Kya: Ding means to gain a level
Kya: 34 is the level in question
Me: Oh..
Me: OH
Kya: omg you took that bad didnt you?
Kya: LOL