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To protect the dude from annoying people IMing him, I didn't put his AIM s/n.


Me: I live in a giant bucket.
Me: The cow goes "moo."
Him: o really?
Me: Maybe.
Him: and who might i be speaking to?
Me: I....don't...know...
Me: The moose is scratching the chair.
Me: Moo, moose, moo.
Me: I....don't...know...
Me: Who may I be..
Him: i dono
Him: that would be the reason of me asking
Me: Well I would like an answer.
Me: I should go to the zoo!
Me: And be sure to bring the blessed tapioka pudding.
Him: lol
Him: interesting
Him: do i get some of this "blessed tapioka pudding?"
Me: I...don't...know...
Him: i would like some
Me: *throws a rock at you* There you go.
Me: You can have the holy....rock.
Him: hmm
Him: interesting
Him: what should i do with it
Me: I shaved half my eyebrow when I was trying to get rid of my unibrow.
Me: Now my notebook is sad.
Him: hmm
Me: And the pen's crying blue ink.
Him: interesting
Me: The turkey goes "SPAM, SPAM"
Me: So, who might I be?
Him: i aint go the slightest clue
Him: got*
Me: Well..guess.
Me: 'Cause you won't be able to.
Me: Nya, nya
Him: nope
Me: Why not.
Him: cuz i know i wont guess it
Me: But that spoils the fun out of everything.
Him: well im bored to death
Him: so i think im gonna go
Him: peace