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1. She's just an on-line friend, this one, I didn't meet in real life

2. Her e-mail address is respresented by asteriks, so that you freaks out there won't e-mail her...


Me: Hello.
Me: Congradulations.
Her: Hey. Eh?
Me: You are the third randomly IMed person from my buddy list.
Her: Ah.
Me: And as we all know, third is the best.
Her: I'm..honored to be the third.
Me: You should be.
Me: You get a prize, too..
Me: What's your e-mail address?
Her: **************
Me: I shall now e-mail you 106 times in one second.
Me: Well, one second or more.
Me: Depends on the mood of my computer.
Her: Ehh.
Me: *evil smile..*
Her: Noo!
Me: Okay, okay.
Her: Yay..
Me: What's your lucky number.
Her: Uhh..8.
Me: Okay.
Me: We add 5 to 8, we get 13.
Me: We square 13 and get..?
Her: 169?
Me: Correct.
Me: I will e-mail you 169 times instead.
Me: =^^= Better?
Her: Ehh..
Me: *evil smile again*