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These great tears of fears I shed,
As I walk amongst the dead.
One shall not dream of such dreams,
Nor scheme of the death of such reams,
The Utopias we wished and desired for,
Those fantasies are no longer anymore.
The state of our reveries have detained us.
The lack of mind has hindered us.
Now we lie here, unable to fight.
Unable to work towards protecting our rights.
Unable to stabilize our health and our strength.
Unable to keep our hope at its length.
We destroyed ourselves and our Utopias, too.
We worked not hard enough, isn't that true?
Our minds set aside for the happiness we shared,
Thinking about the future, and not our current affairs.
But maybe I'm wrong; may it is not us;
Maybe it's those tyrants who brought such disgust.
Tyranny, it's true, has brought forth this nightmare,
The levels of power have shown quite unfair.
We've been blinded by allies, by comrades, by friends,
By the ones that led us to joy without end.
By the ones that we trusted the most of all,
By the ones that freed us, that broke down the wall.
I see it all now, their ideas all along,
Deceiving us greatly; their doings are wrong.
Developing power that we could not see,
Breaking the rules, charging us fee!
Our life is no longer and shall never be free.
The question of power is no longer asked,
The answer of tyrants is given at last.
And at last it shall remain; we no longer care,
Care of such evil or sins our leaders may bare.
Care of such destruction of our souls, of our hearts.
Care of such plagues that have torn us apart.
It is true we are at end, at end of our lives,
At end of the twisted path we have knifed.
And, hopefully, at end of all this fear and this hatred,
And at end of the lies they have all illustrated.
Everything must have an end, and an end it enjoys.
It's the ends that tie up all wonderful joys.
Or heals the wound of pain or sorrow,
And waits to renew it's story tomorrow.
My end has arrived, and I've learned something new,
Learned something I hope that this tale has taught you.