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Series 1: The Basics

Ask me
The Windy City
Current Location:
The City of Hell
Current Job:
Yeah right
Eye Color:
Black/Really, really, really dark brown
5'2'' and shrinking
Not ever being loved
1/2 Chinese, a little Filippino, Romanian, and Russian
Zodiac Sign:
Ask me
I'm Mormon. Bwahahaha...just kidding.. Half Jewish
Email Address:, and I'm being serious.


Series 2: What's Your Favorite

Blue, neon green, black
Most movies suck
Slurpee Flavor:
Blue Raspberry, I guess
PSM (Playstation Magazine)
TV Show:
I have no clue
Sublime, Eminem, Incubus (Rap, Punk, Rock)
Subject in School:
What kind of question is that
Weekend Activity With Who:
DDR with my (few) friends
I don't know
Unfamilar terms
DDR, Final Fantasy series, G-Racing XIII if video game
I'm not that geeky
Whatever's in the pantry


Series 3: Who is...?

The Funniest Person you know:
Not sure
The Loudest Person:
Someone I'd rather not curse my profile with their name
The Quietest Person you know:
Some mute girl at school (jus' kiddin'..)
The Sweetest Person you know:
Jon =P
The Scariest Person you know:
You, whoever you are
The Sexiest Person you know:
Ling, just for the heck of it.
The Person that knows the Most about you:
Hm, I'm not quite sure
The Person you hate the Most:
Another someone I'd rather not curse my profile with their name
The Most Boring Teacher:
The Worst Person to talk to online:
Hmm..I'd guess me, because everyone seems boring to me online. I'm so annoying


Series 4: What is...

Your most overused phrase(s):
That's stupid (I dunno?)
The first feature you notice in the opposite sex:
Their hair
Your shoe/shoe size:
AirWalks, 8 1/2
The Best Name for a Butler:
The wussiest sport:
Ping Pong, but you gotta love it!
The song that best describes you:
Sadly enough, Fallin' by that Keys girl
On the walls of your bedroom:
Glow-in-the-Dark stars, a long, blue light that you attach to your wall, and a Totoro wallscroll (soon to be replaced by Cowboy Bebop when I'm not lazy, if ever)
The worst feeling:
The best feeling:
Your worst memory:
Realizing I'm not likedd by someone I thought I liked
Your most missed memory:
Thinking I was liked by someone I thought I liked
The last movie you saw at the Movie Theater:
*awkward silence*


Series 5: Which Do You Prefer?

Pepsi or coke:
McDonald's or Burger King:
*runs to nearest In-n-Out*
Single or group dates:
I wouldn't know. I'll never be on a date, anyway; no one's that stupid to take me out
Adidas or Nike:
*cough* AIRWALK
Chicken nuggets or chicken fingers:
Dogs or cats:
Rugrats or Doug:
What the fuck?
Antz or A Bug's Life:
Single or taken:
I don't know what it feels like to be taken
Monica or Brandy:
Shania Twain or LeAnn Rhymes:
Um, not sure?
Matchbox 20 or BareNaked Ladies:
Don't really like either.
Aerosmit or Red Hot Chili Peppers:
Red Hot Chili Peppers!
Mountain Dew or Surge:
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:
Ewwwwww, tea sucks ass
One pillow or two:
Chocolate or vanilla:
Depends on what it is
Hot chocolate or hot cocoa:
Hot chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee:
Disgusting =P
Drinks with or without ice cubes:
With a shit load
Give or receive:


Series 6: Do you...?

Take a shower every day:
Wanna know so bad? Smell me =P
Have a (any) crush(es)/who?:
Yes, and I'd rather not say
Want to go to college:
Do I have a choice
Like high school:
From what little I've tasted of it, it's just dandy
Want to get married:
Guess my answer
Type with your fingers on the right keys:
Sadly, yes, cutting my WPM from 120 to 80
Believe in yourself:
I never really understood that consept
Have motion sickness?
Not really
Think you're a health freak:
Not really
Get along with your parents:
They're better than most parents
Like thunderstorms:


Series 7: Your Future...

Age you hope to be married?:
I have no clue
Number and Names of Children:
2; whatever my non-existant husband (I would hope) would want, but prolly something Asain
Where do you see yourself at age 20?:
Still struggling with DDR and still without ever having a boyfriend =P
Describe your Dream wedding:
I dunno


Series 8: Opposite sex

Best eye color?:
Black/Really, really, really dark brown
Best hair color?:
Black (Asian's rule =P)
Short or long hair?:
Best height?:
Relatively tall
Best articles of clothing?:
Baggy stuff, I guess. Skater shoes (no Converse..overrated), chains(?). What else is there?
With or without hats?:
Hats are cool, but I also wanna pet his hair.
Best first date location?:
Like I'll ever be on a date
Best first kiss location?:
Like someone would kiss me
Describe your dream guy:
Cute, sweet, caring, empathetic, generous, not too perverted ¬¬


Series 9: Have you ever...

Drank alcohol:
Not purely
Broken the law:
I don't know any laws to break
Ran away from home:
Where to?
Broken a bone:
Of course not
Cheated on a test:
I guess
Played strip poker:
Like I would
Gotten beat up:
I'm the bully at my school


Series 10: Do you believe in....

Love at first sight:
I wish
I don't have much, but yes
Why not?
Most of the time, they're right
Fortune Cookies: Answer from above
I live in a place that feels like hell, but no. I believe when we die, we go through never ending painful torture forever more


Series 11: Other...

What are you wearing right now:
Huge black sweatshirt, jeans, Airwalk shoes, blue socks, okay, I'll stop going into detail right about now..
Are you lonely:
Are you happy:
Am I ever?
Are you wearing your pajamas:
Yes, at the same time I'm wearing the above stated.
Are you hungry:
Am I ever?
Are you talking to someone online:
No one wants to talk to me
What do you wear to bed?:
Casual wear.
Have you ever played the Ouija board?:
My mom's trying to convince me to
How many rings until you answer the phone?:
However many it takes for me to get to the phone
What's on your mouse pad?:
Is this a trick question?
How many houses have you lived in?:
I'm not good at counting
How many schools have you gone to?:
I'm not good at counting
How many crushes have you had this past school year:
3 at school, 2 not at school
What color is your bedroom carpet?:
If you were trapped on an island, whom would you want to bring?:
My cat, Moose, and a selected few friends I'd choose at the last moment possible
Would you shave your head for $5000 dollars?:
I'm not sure
What time is it now:
Taken any illegal substances:
I don't know the difference between legal and illegal, but I'm guessing no
Gone out in public in your pajamas:
I usually wear casual clothes to bed
Missed school because it was raining:
I wish
Set any body part on fire for amusement:
Sounds fun
Kept a secret from everyone:
Yes, but if everyone is clueless of the secret, I would guess no
Had an imaginary friend:
Maybe, I'm not sure
Cried during a Chick Flick:
Had a crush on a teacher:
*regags again..*
Found a cartoon character attractive:
What's the harm
Prank called someone:
Been on stage:


Series 12: In the last 24 hours, have you...

I cry every day
Cut your hair:
No, although it's fun to at school, but not when you get in partial trouble
Worn a skirt:
Not in the past day, no..
Been mean:
Mean is my middle name
Been sarcastic:
Sarcastic is my second middle name
Talked to someone you have a crush on:
Yes, yesterday, though.
Hugged someone:
..I don't remember. I don't really hug people, it's more like they hug me
Fought with your parents:


Series 13: When was the last time you...

Wished upon a star:
No clue
Laughed until you cried:
Don't remember
Played Truth or Dare:
Ryan's birthday party, and the only thing going on was kissing. It was gay.
Watched a sunrise/sunset:
Hmm, I dunno if I've ever
Went to the beach at night:
Spent quality time alone:
I'm always alone
Read a book for fun:
That sentence scares me

Series 14: Do you believe in...

Yes, but I doubt I'll ever find it myself
Destiny is inevitable, it is our future, and we cannot change our future if it's never happened
The Boogie Monster:
Yeah right
Santa Clause:
Never have, never will
The Easter bunny:
Sounds cute
Psychic powers:
Very much so
The Big Bang Theory:
Who cares