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Pros and Cons of Cloning: The Future of Our Universe



Most people are divided between whether scientists should be allowed to clone life forms or if such experiments would lead to the defying of peoples' moral beliefs. Over all, these experiments may lead to our world being a safer environment full of prospering wildlife and healthy people. Then again, the ability to clone people may lead to envy and discrimination, isolating clones from their original DNA suppliers. The decision on this issue could change Earth completely.
Pros are the first things that come in mind because the good things that may result are the reasons for experimentation with cloning. A big problem lately is that finding the right person to donate organs, blood, or other necessities is growing more and more difficult by the second. With the ability to clone, a person may be guaranteed a savior in most medical problems concerning transplants and transfusions. For example, people who lack bone marrow for varied reasons have incredible difficulty finding a match from a donator, and die for that reason. If a person has a clone, bone marrow can be extracted from one and transferred to the other, saving more lives than most people may think. Another growing matter is the horrible problem that dominates the population in several more countries than it is oblivious to. That problem is food shortage. Cloning would help us grow food that is just as healthy and nutritious as the original, and may even take only half the time it would take to grow otherwise. We would be able to provide enough food for a large amount of starving people and possibly eliminate food shortage in the near future. A third pro of interest is the benefit that we would be able to prevent the extinction of species worldwide, and maybe even revive some animals lost long ago. This would help the world grow into its more natural way of life before humans came along to quicken the termination of endangered species.
All the cons usually run along the same line, so I'll name a few basic ideas that give a general feeling shared among many people. For starters, 1,211 people nation-wide in America were surveyed about their concerns about cloning [humans]. Taken straight from the results, 76% of Americans oppose scientists working on cloning humans. This shows that a large majority of America feels insecure or just disapproves of such studies, and the majority, in this case, should be considered greatly because they are who the scientists are working for. Along the same lines, over 70% disapprove of the ability to identify traits, like intelligence or strength, in DNA, showing people don't necessarily like the idea of being able to control how they were created. Another issue of concern is that these experiments may waste money and time. The experimenting so far, which may not even be half way for all we know, has used up a large sum of money, since the materials needed are so expensive. If these studies lead nowhere, we may have spent exorbitant sums for nothing and used up time that could have been spent finding a sure way to cure AIDS or cancer. Another concern that probably only comes to my mind, which is full of pessimistic imagination on how far this could lead, is the nightmare that the scientists step a little too far over the boundary line and create these clones to become irregularly strong and intelligent with superhuman abilities. It may lead to the destruction of our entire universe or perhaps results in a tyranny led by these metaphysical creatures. That would mean we made a big mistake in thinking we could "play as god" and would never be able to reach the goals we could have accomplished by playing by nature's law.
The pros and cons that anybody can concoct are truly equal, because it is what we the people believe, and it is we the people this is for. Your voice should be heard in this large issue that concerns every living thing everywhere. Our future is in our hands, and we must make the right decision, whether it be we create life in such scientifically advanced, unnatural ways, or we let nature take us where our destiny lies.